Tuesday, 31 July 2007

I hope you like the pets

I went onto my blog this morning and I saw10 comments.

I checked them all

I new about Becky and Mollie because mum had said about them the night before because I asked about any kids with blogs.

And I saw Mollie's comment, so I went onto Mollies blog and then I saw the pets.

I got mum to help me load one of them on but then I did the rest of them.



Today I found out how to get pets yippy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

little gymnast

Thanks to Mollie, I now have some virtual pets!

Sunday, 29 July 2007

The Kids Win!

Yesterday, after a long day, Tinkerbell mushroom got out the monopoly and asked “Can we have a quick game of monopoly?” Tinkerbell Mushroom, Sensible, me, Mum and dad played. I was the boat, Tinkerbell Mushroom was the dog, Sensible was the top hat Mum was the shoe and dad was the car.

After a few goes round the board EBOB (eldest brother, only brother) started to help Tinkerbell mushroom, they got richer and richer she bought loads of places and with that help, EBOB & Tinkerbell Mushroom drove Mum out of the game.

After a while Sensible gave up, her inheritance went to Tinkerbell Mushroom and she joined Tinkerbell Mushroom & EBOB.

I started to worry about my money so I gave up, my inheritance went to Tinkerbell Mushroom. And so I joined Tinkerbell Mushroom, EBOB & Sensible as a team.

Friday, 27 July 2007

My Day

I woke up remembering that my best friend was going to sleep over today. After I’d had breakfast, Mum got a call that my best friend wasn’t going to be able to sleep, but she was going to be able to stay for the whole day.

When my friend got here, our mums were talking about a thing at the library, and we both wanted to go there. Our mums could meet at the library and we could all get our library cards together.

When we got to the library we got a few books out and started to read them, but our mums then told us that my best friend would have to go straight home from the library instead of coming back to our house.

On our way out we saw my BF and he came home and played.

After we’d taken him home, Tinkerbell Mushroom and I went to the park with Mum and our dog.

After that we came home and had dinner.